The Boaphile

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About The Boaphile

Who is Jeff Ronne Sr. / The Boaphile

The Boaphile was born long ago in a place far away with a seeming genetic passion for all God's creatures.

This is an early shot of The Boaphile on his very first rack system. :-]

Jeff Ronne Sr. IS The Boaphile

Jeff did have hair at one point in time though many have disputed this over the decades he has been a leader in the Boa breeding World. When recently shown this image, Jeff was reported to say, "I loved that outfit"!

Jeff caught his first Reptile when he was about 8 years old after seeing an older boy in the neighborhood with a Garter Snake he had found in a local field. Jeff set about finding one for himself. Eventually he found a quickly crawling Garter Snake which he promptly picked up getting bit and musked on all in the same moment! This was the beginning of the making of The Boaphile.

Here is a picture of Jeff with his best friend John Westell showing off the critters they caught while doing some early "field work" in circa 1972. That is a Garter Snake in Jeff's right hand.

Jeff did not acquire his first breedable Boa constrictor until he was in his 20's. This is a shot of him with the legendary Big Momma and Big Daddy in 1985.

Jeff would see his first Boa breeding success in 1986 when Big Momma produced 16 babies in the gigantic 4' x 8' cage he had constructed for his Boas. Jeff did not know anyone else that had bred Boas or any other Reptiles for that matter at that time. There were no books explaining the right or wrong of breeding Boa tactics. Jeff just understood that being cold blooded, that Boas would self regulate their temperatures. Jeff figured if he ran temperatures that made his Boas happy, he just might make some babies. So he adjusted the temperatures and allowed a warm area till the Boas moved on and off the heat. Jeff has said he had no idea what he was doing, but the Boas did and he still breeds his Boas the same way not thirty years later.

The year 2015 marks thirty years running that Jeff has been breeding Boas and imparting the many observations he has stumbled upon in his writings. Often copied and sometimes without acknowledgment, Jeff's first published writing in the November 1996 issue of Reptiles magazine really revolutionized what was known about breeding or not known about breeding Boas before that time.

Boas are Jeff's passion and will remain such as he continues to lead on with new and increasingly crazy Boa Constrictors into the future.