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Peruvian Red Tail Boas

Breeding Peruvian Red Tail Boas has been my least successful part of Boa breeding. This year I was fortunate to have a great litter born here September 10, 2014.Here is the Mom just prior to ovulating. You can see how thick she is and the male Peruvian looking over his lady friend.

Peruvians are just so awesome with their gigantic size and slate gray color when they are born.

What a site it was to see when I found this mess of baby Boa goodness. :-]

I took right at around a million pictures of them. These are just a few.

Peruvians start to turn a nice yellowing color when they get a little size on them. Only one of these has started to make that change already. But I did want to get these posted so the masses could start making selection from them. They are below. ;-]

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