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Paradise Line

The Paradise Boa Project

In 2011 we proved that the Prodigy Boa and the Sharp Albino Boa mutations when combined in the Heterozygous form made a new visual Boa combination. In this instance both mutations are simple recessive which together create this unique visually stunning Boa. I bred a Het Sharp Albino female with a Het Prodigy male making the first Paradise Boas. Here is a picture of that Het Sharp female delivering the World's first Paradise Boa.

Here are a few of those babies in the goo. The Mom had a huge litter of more than 30 neonates, but sadly only six of these were Paradise Boas. Oh and incidentally, the litter posted on this page for sale were produced using the same female Het Sharp and my best and lightest Prodigy Boa male.

This mutation works the same as Paradigm Boas work which are the Boa Woman Caramel and Sharp Combination. Here is a picture of several Prodigy babies born in 2011 with a Boa Woman Caramel baby, born 7 days apart, together so you can see the visual differences of these two mutations right along side each other. You can see how the Boa Woman Caramel got their "Caramel" name with those saddles. Prodigy Boas are more yellow to buckskin in color as babies and as they get older.

The color on these Boas is insane and is even more dramatic in additional combos as some of the pictures below will illustrate. They keep this color and have been referred to as "Cartoon Boas" due to the unreal look many of them seem to have even after getting older and larger.

Here is what happened when we combined the visual Paradise and the Jungle mutation below in 2012. Crazy huh?

Then in 2013 we produced a few Paradise Sunglows and Paradise Motleys. These are two of them shown below. The results of the Paradise Motley are among the most shocking of insane looks that I have ever seen in Boa mutations.

And lest we forget the Key West Motley Paradise... here he is!!!


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