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Monster Tail Jungles

Monster Tail Jungles


People often ask what makes a "Monster Tail"? This is the original "Monster Tail" below:

I bred her with an F1 original line Orange Tail Hypo for the first time in 2000. These babies formed the foundation of the Monster Tail Bloodline. The Monster Tails are a bloodline name and nothing more. I have done a number of generations beyond this original founding Monster Tail Momma always trying to refine and increase that red influence. The Monster Tail line makes for a great foundational animal which can enhance and potentially improve anything you are trying to develop. This line has been one of my secret weapons of choice when it comes to produced better and more impressive animals within nearly every project that I have worked with.

This is one of the babies The Monster had in that litter born in 2000:

It's pretty easy to see how we were able to get to where we are today making better and better Hypos and Jungles with each generation.

These babies are the product of some of that hard work over these many years. This litter was born June 30, 2014.


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