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The Labyrinth Boa Project

The Labyrinth Boa Project

This is the Crystal Boa

She is what we believe to be the "Super" form of the Labyrinth Boa. Here she was as a baby. She was a nearly completely white snake with black pupils and very faint pattern as seen below.

This is the original Labyrinth Boa below

The Labyrinth mutation is NOT a combination of other mutations. It is an incomplete dominant single gene mutation. The Crystal Boa and this original Labyrinth Boa share Mitochondrial DNA. Meaning these two share a common female ancestor. Mitochondrial DNA remains identical and is passed on to offspring through the mother. So sisters would always share Mitochondrial DNA. As would any mother and ALL of her offspring. The grandchildren of any female, that were born to that females daughters, would also share Mitochondrial DNA. All this means the most likely combination is that they are littermates. However technically they could be cousins born to sisters etc. Enough of the complex DNA. :-]

Labyrinth Boas are wildly variable taking on any number of color and pattern irregularities. They do all share the uniquely special Labyrinth Eyes with black pupils.

The Labyrinth Motley combination seen below is particularly shocking completely eliminating what would be considered a Motley type pattern in favor of what you see below:

Here is a Hypo Labyrinth born here this past 2014 season.

All kinds of fun right here with the latest and we believe greatest to hit the Boa world in many years.

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