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Key West 50% Possible Het Boas

This is the Hypo Key West Father of these Hypo Key West 50% Possible Het Kahl Albinos.

Here is a picture of the mother, a proven Motley 100% Het Kahl Albino when she was ovulating:

There was the potential for the World's first Kahl Albino Key West Boas and so much more. However, the father Hypo Key West did not prove to be a het. ;-[

Still a great litter that did include two Key West Motleys!

Lots of gooey goodness right there. :-]

This included several Hypo Key West Boas which are 50% Possible Het Albino as well as a couple Key West Boas Possible Het Albino..

This is one of the post shed Key West Motleys. A cool animal by any measure which you can make with one of the Key West or Hypo Key West Boas below:


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